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Alexius Lazaie

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Remembering the Class of 2020

Alexius Lazaie is such an amazing young woman. From her beautiful natural smile to her hard work and determination at school is what really got me excited about photographing her. Her smile lights up a room every time she enters. Being able to photograph her made my job so easy.

Alexius had 3 different sessions. Our first session started out in Lansing, MI at the Botanical Gardens at MSU. Alexius wanted to incorporate nature into her images. Of course our location didn't disappoint. She made capturing her extremely easy. Any poses that I suggested she posed and rocked the camera. Our next session was located Downtown Jackson Mi. I share a funny story about this location. During Alexius session I was currently 9 months pregnant and due in 2 weeks. All through her session I was having contractions and being silly the entire time (of course is so worried for me). But all in all we were able to finish the session without a baby coming. lol

Alexius 3rd session she wanted to incorporate the fall season. This was taken place right in my backyard. (it's so nice to have clients come to my home and explore all the beautiful nature around).

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