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Audra Beauchamp

Remembering the Class of 2020

Audra Beauchamp brought her model status to her session. From the different outfits, the flowing hair, and gorgeous makeup, Audra was ready for perfection.

Audra's session began at South Haven, MI. During our consultation meeting, Audra expressed to me how she wanted images that were different. That's when I suggested "Hey lets go to the beach!" Her eyes lite up at the thought of how this experience would turn out. The day of our sessions started with a 2 hour drive, we all packed up the car and headed down the road.

Once we arrived to our destination we found a great deal of amazing locations to shoot at. This image here is one of my favorite spots we found; the architectural structures made it so beautiful to photograph with. Of course Audra brought her "A" game for this spot.

I want to share funny moment we had while shooting. We were walking along a street and I spotted an area that had the most beautiful lighting (it near at a stop light). Cars were driving by and looking our direction to see what we were doing. This one particular time, during a red light, an older gentleman was stopped at the intersection and his entire attention was on Audra. As the light turned green, he couldn't keep his eyes off of her! lol Cars behind him were honking to get his attention to drive, but of course the beautiful Audra had that look you couldn't keep your eyes of.

Once we arrived at the beach, the clouds rolled in and there was a little hint of a pink sky over the horizon. The wind was strong and the waves were huge so we decided to keep our distance from the water. That didn't go so due to the swarm of mosquitos we were attacked by. Lol Audra ended up getting stung right in the middle of her forehead, (good thing for photoshop). But I would agree that even with that we were still able to create beautiful images.

Look at that beautiful sunset in the background.

Did you think I would forget about to famous lighthouse? Of course not! I wish we could have been on the pier but the wind was so strong and the high rise of the water prevented us. All in all, this session was so much fun to capture. Audra, I hope I was able to deliver and unforgettable senior session for you and your mom! Thank you for trusting in me and creating lasting memories for you and your family.

Check out more images from our session below!

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