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Bradley Dutcher

Remembering the Class of 2020

Photographing Bradley was such a joy. He is such an amazing young man that has so much love for his family. The connection he has with his mom and grandmother are one of the reason's why Bradley is an incredible person.

I first met Bradley through his mom, she and I are Crossfit friends. When she asked me about photographing her son's senior photos, it was a guarantee that I wanted to deliver something amazing. Bradley's session started out at his grandparents house in Clark Lake MI. One of my favorite images from his session is him sitting at the barn located right next door.

I love his genuine smile in this image, that's something that came so naturally for him. Of course his mom at this time was getting extremely emotional because her son is growing up and isn't baby anymore. (he's growing into a great man).

As we continued our session at Bradley grandparents house, we explored all around and found so many more interesting spots. This image here is of him standing by a barb wire fence. Of course I made sure he was safe before having him pose for me.

After we left his grandparents, we finished our session in Downtown Jackson MI. I love walking and exploring the beautiful city. During this part of the session is when I saw Bradley's true colors. He brought out his skateboard and I about lost it. (omg did I love that look on him). This image here is probably my favorite image I've ever taken. He has so much swag in the one photo that it's hard to not love.

Finally at the conclusion of our day I had Bradley ride his skateboard while I snapped a photo of him. I think this turned out pretty well. What do you think?

Bradley, I want to thank you so much for having me capture these amazing images of you during your senior year. I hope you cherish these images and remember all of the fun we had together! I pray nothing but the best for you and your family.

Check out more images of his session below.

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