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Caira Mckenney

Remembering the Class of 2020

Caira Mckenney is a senior I will never forget. Her true beauty, infectious smile, and sense of humor are what drew my attention and got me excited about photographing her.

Our session first took place in Jackson MI, in an small open field behind a church. When we had our consultation meeting, Caira expressed how she wanted to be surrounded by nature in a open field. I think we nailed this look; isn't she absolutely stunning with that cream dress and beautiful scenery around her.

We continued all around that same park and found more beautiful landscape. As we were shooting more this is when Caira became even more comfortable in front of my camera. She was able to give me her model status looks and poses. Whatever I had her do, she was able to nail it easily.

Once we left this location, we headed for Downtown Jackson MI. Caira wanted to go to a building that had an all blue wall. For some strange reason I had no idea what she was talking about. (I was literally so confused; I honestly thought there wasn't a blue building downtown). Of course Caira was correct and this spot had such beautiful lighting from the sun setting in the background. Check out this image from this area.

After we left this location, the sun began to set quickly and the lights on the trees were starting to shine bright. Obviously we had to take a few images of her with the lights as the backdrop. How do you think this turned out?

The last part of our session concluded at Jackson High School in the gymnasium. This was by far the most fun of the entire session. Yes you guess it, Caira is a volley ball player. There were some moments I had her working hard for certain looks that she felt as if she just had a workout. (she was literally sweating). lol

All in all, photographing Caira was an absolute blast. She is such a sweet young woman and I am forever thankful for her trusting in me on creating and amazing and memorable senior portraits experience. Thank you Caira and I pray nothing but the best for you.

Check out more images below of Caira's session.

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