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Haley Waldron

Remembering the Class of 2020

Look at this beauty. Those eye captivate whom ever looks into them. Haley Waldron is such an amazing young woman that has a bright future ahead of her. Photographing her was nothing but a blast.

Haley's session started out in my backyard. Haley indicated she wanted to incorporate the bright colors the fall season brings and my backyard is filled with nothing but that.

I love bringing seniors to my home to get photographed because they get a glimpse of what I get to enjoy on a daily basis; and that's the outdoors.

One thing about Haley's session that you wouldn't have known from her images was, the weather was horrible. The temperature was low, the sky was dark, and the wind gave an even colder chill to everything. Even with the weather not being ideal, Haley was still able to rock her session. The spark in her eyes and elegance she brought is what made her images shine so much.

Check out these images below of how we created our own sun with the use of off camera flash.

Our next location for Haley session was Downtown Jackson MI. This part of the session was an absolute blast. Did I mention Haley's mom was hilarious the entire time. I've know Haley's mom for almost as long as I've been living in Jackson MI. She worked at Daryl's Downtown when I was first introduced to her. Now that her daughter is a senior, I was extremely excited she wanted me to capture her senior photos.

The last part of Haley's session was held at Ella Sharp Park. I love taking seniors here because the landscape is so beautiful wherever you go. There was one particular spot that had the most amazing magenta colored bush. Of course I had to have Haley in pose in front of it. She was a natural in front of the camera. Any where I had her stand or any pose I put her in, she was able to nail everything.

All in all, thank you so much Haley for trusting in me on capturing these beautiful images of you. You have such a great attitude and I pray nothing but the best for you during this time. I know you will come out on top.

Check out more from Haley's session below.

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