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Hannah Fleming

Remembering the Class of 2020

Hannah, is such a sweet young woman. She is always smiling and has a great personality. I met Hannah at Jackson High School's Auditorium at her first senior class meeting. I had a booth displaying products there in hopes to attract those seniors who haven't taken photos yet. While in the meeting I get an Instagram message from Hannah.(I joked with her on why she was messaging me during a meeting when she was suppose to listen to all the presenters. lol) But I can say I am forever grateful that she did that.

Hannah's session started right in my backyard. She expressed to me she wanted the beautiful nature colors in her photos and that's what we did. Photographing Hannah was so easy. She has such natural beauty and her smile is so captivating. Check out her beautiful smile below.

Continuing our session, we went downtown Jackson MI. Hannah wanted to incorporate a city look for her photos. We literally walked/ drove all around capturing beautiful photos. The amount of laughs and memories we created was an absolute blast.

As we were shooting more, Hannah started to get even more comfortable in front of the camera. We moved to another location along the Grand River downtown. The colors along the river were amazing that we had to get a few images there. Look how stunningly gorgeous Hannah looks here.

The last part of our session, we moved to Ella Sharp Park. Hannah expressed her interest in photography. Of course I get extremely excited when I here my seniors want to learn about photography. During this part of the session I gave her a mini lesson on camera settings and exposure. Hannah was so receptive of all the information. I hope she continues her interest and takes a step in that direction.

Lastly, thank you so much for having me capture you for your senior photos. You are an amazing young woman that has a bright future. Even with the uncertainty of what is going on around the world, I know you will come out on top. Stay encouraged and continue to have faith.

Check out more from Hannah session below.

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