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Jada Patton

Remembering the Class of 2020

Jada is such a special young woman. I've known Jada for the past few years. I first met her at one of my basketball camps I hosted and she was one of my high school coaches for the event. She was an an outstanding athlete when I saw her working with the youth and her work ethic was incredible. Of course when her step mom Nacoya Weatherspoon wanted me to photograph her, I knew I had to deliver something great.

Jada's session started right in my backyard. When she arrived to my house she had her makeup on, rocking her natural hair and tons of outfits laid out. As she was showing me her outfits, she all of a sudden stops and blurts out "OK IM NERVOUS," At that moment I knew I had to reassure her that she would be in good hands and that this photo session would be a blast. Look at a few images of her looking absolutely beautiful.

Throughout our session, Jada was so much fun to photograph. Her laughs and smiles were so infectious that you couldn't help but smile when you are around her.

The second part of our session Jada wanted to incorporate basketball. Without a doubt I knew this was going to be spectacular. Jada was one the the shining stars on her Jackson High Girl Basketball team. I would always see her name in the news paper about how she delivered an outstanding performance on the court. Also, Jada will continue her basketball career playing for Jackson College next season. I can't wait to see how she'll perform at the next level. Check these striking photos on her in the gym.

All in all, I am forever grateful to have photographed Jada. She has such a beautiful soul and I can't wait to see what she does in the future. Thank you Jada for trusting in me on capturing amazing images for your senior photos.

Check out more of her session below.

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